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If you would like to see your Professional Development event in this list, please click here to add your PD event to the calendarand fill out the form.
Items submitted are subject to approval.  Your event will appear in the list upon approval. 
If you have any changes to events that are already posted, please email iltea​​

​All in-person ​professional development is postponed at this time until further notice.

Feedback Requested on the ISBE-Approved Microcredential Framework

ISBE’s Standards & Instruction Department requests feedback on the Microcredential frameworkPDF Document. ISBE-approved microcredentials will be integrated into the ISBE professional development tracking system. A specific designation will be applied to ISBE-approved microcredential opportunities. Once the framework is finalized, providers who wish to offer ISBE-approved educator microcredentials may submit documentation to ISBE for review. The feedback survey to collect this information is open for comment until October 15, 2021.​



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