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Attention Educators Holding a National Board Status

​​In order to receive your reduction for NBPTS, you must add PD into your Professional Development page in ELIS.

If National Board status was achieved or renewed prior to 9/1/14 and you are renewing in 2019, you will add 120 hours.

If National Board status was achieved or renewed 9/1/14 or later and you are renewing in 2020 or later, you will add 60 hours.

Be sure the Begin and End dates chosen are WITHIN YOUR CURRENT CYCLE. If you choose dates outside of your cycle, you will not receive credit.

  1. Login to ELIS
  2. Under the Educator tab, click on Professional Development
  3. Click "Click here to add professional development hours"
  4. Enter the information
  5. Click "Finish"​

 Professional Development Rollover

Beginning April 1, 2017 educators can carry over unused professional development hours completed between April 1st and June 30th of the final years of their renewal cycle to the next five-year renewal cycle. Educators should not record unused professional development in ELIS until July 1st of the next renewal cycle.

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