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​ISBE fully supports Illinois high school districts in transitional math course implementation, which by law high schools must implement or officially opt-out by recommendation of the local school board.  Please refer to the legislation for full details.​​ Please refer to the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) Act for full details.

Curricular resources have been developed as an option for statewide use and are available at the transitional math web site.  Please visit:  ***iltransitionalmath.org

This website is the official transitional math website where you can find other important transitional math information such as the transitional math pathway competencies, webinars, summits, and professional learning opportunities.​​

***Due to unforeseeable circumstances, the state transitional math website is currently down.  To assist school districts with transitional math course implementation and provide necessary documentation for portability, a sharable google folder has been created.  Until the website is back up and running, please utilize this sharable folder.  Please note, the documents in this folder are pulled from a backed-up file and should be reviewed prior to using specifically for broken links to external resources and possible incomplete resources. 

If there are any documents or resources that you need and/or questions, please contact us via the e-mails provided below. 

Transitional Math Training

November 9, 16, 23, 2020, 3–⁠4:30 p.m.

A virtual workshop is being offered free of charge for administrators, teachers, and counselors to help you prepare for the implementation of transitional math and state portability submission. Each session will feature a different aspect of preparation, including an overview of the PWR Act and transitional instruction; state policies and protocols for transitional math; preparing for transitional math at the building or district level; developing local partnerships with community colleges; and tools needed to get started and free tasks that have been developed for use by Illinois teachers. These tasks support the active learning emphasis of transitional math with the use of authentic contexts. Educators will learn about the organization of the units and competencies, as well as how to use task-based instruction effectively.

Register for the virtual workshop.​

 Transitional Math Implementation Plan

The Implementation PlanPDF Document​ is now available.​

 Transitional Mathematics Professional Learning Opportunities

To assist in the implementation of Transitional Mathematics, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is creating the following opportunities for professional learning. 

An updated library of short informational webinars is available at covering specific topics within Transitional Math, such as overview, the pathways, advising, resources, and portability.  They​ are available on the state’s Transitional Math website located at​ http://www.iltransitionalmath.org/

In addition to the webinar series, ISBE will offer a series of transitional math professional learning modules on-line for instructors, administrators, and counselors. Professional development hours are available per request upon completion. 

ISBE is also available to provide in-person professional learning upon request with districts, teacher and curriculum leaders, community college partners, regional offices of education, and other groups such as education for employment (EFE) systems interested in learning about transitional math instruction and implementation. 

All professional learning opportunities and resources offered through ISBE are free of charge.  For additional information or to request a professional learning experience from ISBE, please e-mail TRInstruction@isbe.net.​

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