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Are you a licensed teacher seeking to expand your knowledge, skillset, and marketability in the profession by adding a new endorsement or short-term approval to your license? Endorsements and short-term approvals allow a teacher to teach a specific subject and grade. Illinois offers subject-specific endorsements that are valid for teaching middle grades, high school, or all grades PK-12. Endorsements valid for teaching general education are also available for early childhood and elementary education. Short-term approvals are available in all teaching areas for educators who have not met full endorsement requirements. Follow the steps below to get started.

Note: This page provides steps for licensed teachers (those with a Professional Educator License) to add additional teaching endorsements to their licenses. If you seek to add an administrative or school support personnel endorsement, you must complete a full preparation program and should follow these steps on the Adding New Endorsements Outside Your Current License Scope page instead.​​​​​

Become an Educator in Illinois


Do you need help with the licensure process? Contact our ISBE/regional office licensure team for assistance.​

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