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​Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/27-20/4) requires that every public elementary and high school shall include in its curriculum a unit of instruction studying the events of Black History.  House Resolution 1098​ establishes the Black History Curriculum Task Force which will conduct an audit of every Illinois school district's history curriculum from K-12 to review the following: 

  1. Does the district's curricular material, no matter the format, contain a current unit on African American history;
  2. At what grade school level does the district begin teaching African American history;
  3. At what level does the district stop teaching African American history;
  4. Does standardized testing include testing on African American history, and if so, at what levels; and
  5. What is ISBE's position on teaching African American history, what are their protocols, and what are their penalties if their instructions are not being followed?

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