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Each year a group of students are chosen from around the state to be student advisors to the board. This group of students have the opportunity to see the State Board’s policymakers in action and work with them to provide student perspectives and concerns on the state’s education policies. Students come together a handful of times throughout the year and work remotely on a research project that is presented to the Board. Applications are available in the spring and students are chosen over the summer with their work beginning in September and culminating with a presentation to the Board in March.​​

2019-20 SAC

​Student Advisory Council's Final Project

The Student Advisory Council presented their final project​ to the Illinois State Board of Education on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.This year, the SAC went in a new direction with the focus of the group. Rather than one large annual project, the SAC split into six focus groups to more efficiently examine the biggest issues facing students in schools today. Additionally, the SAC reached out to every 2018-2019 applicant in hopes of collaborating with them to develop the Student Voices website.

State Board’s Student Advisory Council welcomes 11 new members

2016-17 Student Advisory CouncilThe council includes 11 new and 10 returning members from across the state. The council will provide the State Board with diverse student perspectives on education issues in Illinois as the Board formulates policy throughout the year. The council will continue to develop the Student Voices microsite at The Student Voices site provides space for students to ask and answer questions and access resources about preparing for college and career. Follow along with the council’s work on its independently managed Instagram account at

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