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The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) supports Agricultural Education in our Illinois schools as an important component of one of the most important industries in Illinois – the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) industry.  Agriculture has a major impact on the State’s economy and the industry is eager for additional potential employees in the pipeline to fill the demand for hundreds of careers.  Nowhere is this support more evident than in the support of the Agricultural Education specific line item in the ISBE budget.  See the current ISBE budget​ for appropriations and proposed funding levels. Three Circles Model for Agriculture Education

 Curricular Content

​A matrix has been developed to provide a quick glance of the appropriate sequence of courses for approved programs. This matrix is a guide to aid in the development of approved Agriculture Education programs. ​
Curricular Content Resources
  • Agricultural Educationcontent and classroom resources​ (standards aligned lessons, assessments, e-units, classroom presentations, laboratory activities, etc.) FREE for current Illinois Agricultural Education teachers.  
  • Illinois Agricultural Education website​ has many resources and opportunities all in one place for Illinois agricultural education teachers.  Resources include professional development opportunities, career opportunities and guidance, grants and associated information, curricular resources, annual data reports, program (middle school, secondary, and postsecondary levels) information, partner and administrative information, activity calendar, and more.

Agricultural Education teachers should contact your program advisor​PDF Document with login questions.

Content and Program Standards

Career and Training Related Information

 Incentive Funding Grant (IFG)

​​Secondary Programs (Middle and High School)
Postsecondary Programs (University Teacher Training)

 Grant Reporting Information

 Advisory Committees

​Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education

Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education

 Additional Information

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)
Resources for Student Work Based Learning Experiences often referred to as Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)

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