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ISBE has a responsibility to advocate for what all of Illinois’ children deserve. The State Board makes budget recommendations to the General Assembly annually each February. The state constitution mandates that the “primary responsibility for financing the system of public education” belongs solely to the state.

A budget is the manifestation of an organization’s vision. In October 2018, the State Board adopted values and beliefs to guide ISBE’s practice and daily work, including the development of its public education budget recommendations:

  • We believe that everyone has the right and ability to learn and that we have ethical, moral​, and legal responsibilities to set high expectations and ensure that every student achieves success.
  • We believe that we must provide equity, access, and opportunity for every student and eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps in all public schools across Illinois.
  • We believe that ending disparities and gaps in achievement begins with the delivery of quality early learning programs and appropriate parent engagement and support so that by June 30, 2027, and beyond, this state has a kindergarten through grade 12 public education system with the capacity to ensure the development of all persons to the limits of their capacities.
  • We believe that communities, parents, teachers, educational leaders, and community-based organizations have unique and important solutions to improve outcomes for our students.
  • We believe that teachers and leaders in every school and classroom in Illinois need the training and support required to demonstrate competency in their content; in their ability to adjust their pedagogy to student need; in their ability to establish positive relationships with all students, including students whose background and life experience are different from theirs; and in their understanding of human development.

 FY 2020

Funding a Civil Right: Quality Education for All

 FY 2019


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