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​As part of Goal 1 within the State Board of Education’s Strategic Plan, the Assessment Department is providing a series of webinars to provide information to parents, teachers, and administrators in Illinois on various topics.   The topics range from interpreting the assessment results, increasing the knowledge of what students need to know and can do, and synthesizing assessment results to provide awareness of student learning in order to be effective in the classroom. A list of calendar events is provided, and webinars will be recorded for district staff to view at their own pace.​

Professional Development credits are available for those participating in live or recorded webinars. A link to the evaluation form will be emailed to those who complete the training. After this evaluation form is submitted, an Evidence of Completion form will be emailed to those indicating a desire to receive credit. ​

 Growth Planner and Career Readiness

Are Your Students on Track?

Use Lexile and Quantile measures to determine if a student is on track to graduate college and career ready. Access national and regional data through the Lexile and Quantile Growth Planners. Identify the reading and math demands needed for a desired career and use it to inform goal setting. The Lexile and Quantile Career Database allows you to compare and describe the reading and math demands of careers. Explore these valuable tools on the Lexile and Quantile Hub.

Explore this quick 2-minute video tutorial outlining the steps to access Premium tools on the Lexile and Quantile Hub through our state partnership with MetaMetrics. Discover the pathway to enhanced resources and capabilities: Educator Access to the Lexile & Quantile HubYouTube Video Link.

Check out these Growth Planning resources:

 Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) Resources

Unpacking the Illinois Assessment of Readiness Results to Inform Instructional Practices

The Assessment Department along with Pearson and EdCount presented throughout Illinois for an opportunity to delve into the purpose and intended applications of the IAR. This professional learning PowerPoint is tailored to support district and school teams as they unpack their spring 2023 ELA/L and mathematics IAR results to inform current instructional practices, inform effective instructional activities, and offer insights into the resources available to help support interpretation. This PowerPoint will take your team step by step through the unpacking of data and help schools focus on areas of strengths and areas of need in ELA and Math standards.

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