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ISBE’s Strategic Plan

ISBE’s Strategic PlanPDF Document We are thrilled to share with you the 2024-2027 Illinois State Board of Education Strategic Plan. This ambitious plan builds upon the agency’s commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness to the evolving needs of the nearly 2 million school-aged children in Illinois that we serve. It is important to acknowledge that this plan is not merely a “document” but a living framework that we believe will propel us toward our shared vision for education in Illinois.

The cornerstone of this planning process has been our dedication to hearing diverse perspectives and fostering collaborative efforts. The 90-day listening-and-learning tour Dr. Sanders embarked on as the new state superintendent early last year provided us with invaluable insights. Conversations and feedback from various external stakeholders identified key areas that demand our attention and collective action. Insightful discussions during several instructional retreats with internal leadership cultivated an environment where innovation and new ideas flourished.

In three short months, we noticed several common themes that surfaced, setting the stage for our major focus areas. Among these are the persistent challenges related to the teacher shortage and the pivotal role the $45 million Teacher Pipeline Grant will play in mitigating the crisis in Illinois.

Our Illinois system of assessments, accountability, and support also has received quite a bit of attention. We have taken proactive steps to reunite data, assessment, and accountability within the same center at ISBE. Our Strategic Plan further outlines exciting work ahead to right-size these systems to better target supports and to strengthen continuous improvement in all districts.

ISBE has built on a strong foundation based on equity and that remains at the heart of our work. This Strategic Plan affirms our commitment to the Equity Journey Continuum and to equity principles across all facets of our agency, both in our internal processes and our external work and engagement.

Special thanks to all the educators, parents, and partners whose dedication, collective wisdom, and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in shaping this Strategic Plan. Our commitment to partnering with you remains a priority. We invite you to explore the plan, engage in the journey it outlines, and join us as we work together toward a future where every student in Illinois receives an exceptional education.​​​

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