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The third annual District Assessment Survey is now available. Legislation requires each school district to report information to ISBE concerning the administration of assessments to students at each school. The law also requires schools to make this information public via the school district's website or distribution in paper form. Districts can comply with this requirement by linking to the assessment survey results. This will also allow districts to track their completion rate. The survey will dynamically populate data submitted in the previous year for review and editing as needed.

Please note that the law defines tests "scored by a non-district entity" as the focus of this data collection effort. We refer to these as "standardized".

We appreciate your assistance with completing the form before Friday, Sept. 28, at noon. Contact the Division of Data Strategies and Analytics at (217) 782-3950 if you have specific questions about the survey.

Please click here for a How-to-Guide  on completing the survey. ​​

Type either the District Name or the RCDTS Code to find your district. Select your district from the dropdown when it appears.

Click on the Show Schools button below to display the list of schools associated with your district.

Put a check next to all of the schools for which you are responsible.

Click on the Assessment List button below to display the assessment information for the school(s) you have selected. The data will be populated based on last year's answers (if they were provided). Please verify each school is accurate and then click the appropriate "Submit School" button. If you select multiple schools, it will take longer to load all of your data.

Note: If you wish to navigate away from this page before submitting the school and want to save your edits, please select save or update first.

Select the schools to which the assessment should be added. Fill in the information for the new assessment. Click the "Add to Multiple" button.

There are no assessments listed for this school.
  1.   (The PARCC assessment dates are not available at this time.)
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    • Given:   {{test.row.Given.Title}} ({{test.row.BeginDate}} - {{test.row.EndDate}})                     
    • Required By:   {{test.row.RequiredBy.Title}}                     
    • Student Population:   {{test.row.Population.Title}}                     
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    • Purpose(s):   {{test.row.Uses}}: {{test.row.OtherPrimaryUse}}                     
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