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The Department of Data Strategies and Analytics (DSA) coordinates annual reporting, collects data, implements data sharing, administers the data governance program, analyzes data for policy and strategic planning related to Board goals and legislative requirements. DSA also advises Agency staff on data governance policy and procedures. DSA assists in meta data collection, design, and implementation. DSA is here to help LEAs in meeting our mission, vision, and goals.​​​​​

​EIS 2021 Opening for Employment/Position Data Entry

Opening Date: Saturday August 1, 2020

EIS 2021 Employment and Position submission will open for both online and batch entry. 

Please make sure you are using the correct template, a link to the NEW template is provided below.

This will be available starting August 1.

Due by Closing Date (November 1, 2020). Please complete the following that apply to your district:

  • Contract Days for all positions you employ.
  • 2021 Employment and Position Records.
  • This data is required and used to roster Teachers who will receive the 5Essentials survey.
  • Noncertified Staff aggregated FTE counts.

EIS Resources

For further EIS assistance, please contact the EIS help desk at datahelp@isbe.net.

For technical assistance with IWAS, please contact the ISBE Help Desk at helpdesk@isbe.net or call (217) 558-3600.​​​​​​

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