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Please note that the models linked below do not reflect distributions to school districts and other entities under PA 100-0465.  The models linked below include distributions under previous legislative proposals that were not signed into law. 

To view distributions pursuant to PA 100-0465, please visit the EBF Distributions webpage​.         

​For several years ISBE has been assisting legislators in their review of our statutory system of distributing state education funds. Files modeling these proposals and summaries appear below. Information regarding the current funding system can be found on the General State Aid​ page.

 Governor's Amendatory Veto of SB 1 (Manar/Davis)

​Full model of governor's av to sb 1 (Manar/Davis)

 Senate Amendment 3 to Senate Bill 1124 (Barickman)

​Full Model to SA 3 to SB 1124 (Barickman)

 House Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 1 (Manar/Davis)

​​Full model HA 1 to SB 1 (Manar/Davis)

 House Bill 2808 (Davis)

​​Full model HA 1 to HB 2808

 Evidence Based Funding Proposal (04/18/17)

​The file posted below includes draft distributions to public school districts, regional programs, and lab schools under the Evidence-Based Funding Proposal.

 Senate Bill 231 (SB231)

FY 15 Full Model SB231 Engrossed SAM1-3

 Senate Bill 1 (SB1)

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