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All materials related to EAV Adjustments that impact EBF calculations have been moved to the new EAV adjustments & Prior Year Corrections page.​​​​​​

Effective beginning with Fiscal Year 2018, the distribution of General State Aid (GSA) to Illinois public schools has been sunset as a statutorily defined formula in 105 ILCS 5/18-8.05 and replaced with the Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success Act or PA 100-0465PDF Document. General State Aid provided for different methods of funding allocation, dependent primarily on the local property wealth within each school district. General State Aid explanatory materials on the mechanics of the formula are provided in the FY 17 GSA OverviewPDF Document and GSA BasicsPDF Document files. Historical data sets used to determine each individual district's General State Aid claims will be retained on this site for public use. 

Evidence-Based Funding has combined five previous grant programs into a single program.  These programs are General State Aid, Special Education – Personnel, Special Education – Funding for Children Requiring Special Education Services, Special Education – Summer School and English Learner Education.  Please visit the Evidence-Based Funding page for more information on the new grant program.​

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