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​Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/10-22.18e​) creates the Full-Day Kindergarten Task Force, which is created for the purpose of conducting a statewide audit to inform the planning and implementation of full-day kindergarten in the State and shall, at a minimum, collect, analyze, and report the following:

  1. the number of elementary and unit school districts in the State that are currently offering kindergarten, including the number offering full-day kindergarten, the number offering part-day kindergarten, and the number offering both part-day kindergarten and full-day kindergarten.
  2. the number of students currently enrolled in kindergarten in the State, including the number enrolled in full-day kindergarten, the number enrolled in part-day kindergarten, the total number enrolled in either part-day kindergarten or full-day kindergarten, and the number of children on any waitlists for part-day or full-day kindergarten.
  3. for all elementary and unit school districts, an estimate of the number of students eligible for kindergarten.
  4. for all elementary and unit school districts that do not currently offer full-day kindergarten, an analysis of their space utilization rate and an assessment of district capacity to provide space for full-day kindergarten classrooms.
  5. for all elementary and unit school districts that do not currently offer full-day kindergarten and are found to have insufficient capacity to provide space for full-day kindergarten classrooms, an estimate of the costs associated with providing full-day kindergarten classrooms.
  6. recommendations on how available capital funds for full-day kindergarten might be disbursed to school districts to prioritize districts most in need of State resources; and
  7. other data or recommendations that would support the State or individual school districts in offering full-day kindergarten. Such recommendations may include an analysis of other start-up or categorical costs associated with offering full-day kindergarten.

Based on the findings, the Task Force may recommend that the State Board of Education consider an additional criterion when granting a waiver under subsection (b) of Section 10-22.18. The State Board of Education shall make a final determination regarding this additional factor and provide public notice of that determination by no later than July 1, 2025.

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