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To align with the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), periodic performance reports are required for all grants administered by the State of Illinois. The reports include information on the accomplishment of deliverables described in the grant, the status of performance measures, and the alignment of accomplishments to date with spending to date. ISBE is implementing the periodic performance-reporting requirement through an IWAS‐based system that incorporates the required information fields. In FY 2023 most grant recipients are required to report annually. Some will be required to report semiannually due to findings of elevated programmatic risk.

Annual and semiannual reports that can be filled out and uploaded to the IWAS Grant Periodic Reporting System are listed under reporting tools in the corresponding blue bars below.

 Grant Periodic Reporting Calendar for Annual Reports

Reporting Period
Report Opens Report Due State Response District Response
if not Approved
July - June
June 30 July 30
2-weeks 2-weeks

*Please note that some districts are required to submit semiannual reports. The calendar above only applies to annual reports. Semiannual reports open on December 30 and are due within 30 days.​​​

 Grant Periodic Reporting Calendar for Semiannual Reports

Semiannual Reporting Period Report Opens Report Due State Response District Response
if not Approved
1 July - December
December 30 January 30 2-weeks 2-weeks
2 January - June June 30 July 30 2-weeks 2-weeks

 How to Complete Grant Periodic Performance Report

*Please note that your administrator must grant you access to the Grant Periodic Reporting System before you will be able to login to upload your report.  Scroll down to the bottom of your system listing on your IWAS dashboard and click on the link that states “Want to sign up for other systems?" The Grant Periodic Reporting System is under reporting.  After you request that system, you will be able to complete reports once your administrator has granted you access.

  1. Log into your IWAS account
  2. Select “System Listing” from the menu on the left
  3. Under the Reporting Category, select “Grant Periodic Reporting Syste​m”
  4. Select the Grant you were awarded
  5. ​Review the General Information of the report for correctness
  6. Deliverables
    1. Complete/Update and upload the Deliverables Report Spreadsheet (instructions for completing the spreadsheet are included in the first tab labeled “Instructions”)
    2. In the text box provided, provide a brief summary of the deliverables completed during this quarter
  7. Performance
    1. Under the Results/Accomplishments section, complete/update and upload the Results Report Spreadsheet (instructions for completing the spreadsheet are included in the first tab labeled “Instructions”)
    2. In the text box, provide a brief summary of the impact on EL education in your district as a result of the implementation of the proposed grant deliverables and activities
  8. Respond to the “Performance Explanation - Award to Date”
    1. Select if your deliverable activities are on schedule with the proposed dates submitted on your grant application. If not, explain the reasons for the delay in the box provided
  9. Respond to “Performance Accomplishments Correlated to Reported Expenses”
    1. Select if your expenditures are on schedule with the proposed expenses submitted on your grant application.  If not, explain the reasons for the delay in the box provided
  10. Submit the report​​

 General Q & A (for FY 2018-FY 2022 GPRS Reports)

  1. If a grant was awarded late, is the district required to submit a report for semiannual ​1?
  2. Does a district have to submit the Quarter 1 grant report before completing the Quarter 2 grant report?
  3. Which grants are exempted from grant periodic reporting?
    Exempted ISBE programs include Evidence Based Funding, Mandated Categoricals, and Drivers Education.
  4. If I do not have an approved grant, can I submit a report?
    No, you will not have a report due until you have an approved grant through IWAS​​​​​

 Early Childhood

​​If you are required to report monthly for any early childhood block grant program, Prevention Initiative, Preschool for All or Preschool for All Expansion State, please use the forms under reporting tools.  You will fill out these forms and submit them via the IWAS Grant Periodic Reporting System by the due dates indicated above.​​​

Reporting Tools

Each program will complete and submit these forms at least quarterly by uploading into the ISBE, IWAS Grant Periodic Reporting System.  Information located on these forms should reflect activities completed during the quarter or month reporting.


Q & A

  1. If I already submitted my report before I knew to download the Grant Periodic Performance Report for my grant, do I need to do it again?
    Please work with your assigned consultant on the approval of your report.  A list of consultant can be found in the resources tab above.​​​​​​​​

 Title III

Reporting Tools​


Q & A

  1. Is all Title III funding (LIPLEPS, ISEP, and BEA) included under a single grant report?
    No. A district that received funding from LIEPS, ISEP, and/or BEA is required to submit a GPR separately for each of the grants that the district received in FY 2022 and FY 2023.
  2. If a district did not receive a Title III award but is receiving bilingual funding (EL-EBF) under Evidence-Based Funding, is the district required to submit a report?
    No. The receipt of Evidence-Based Funding (EBF) does not require filing of a Grant Periodic Report.
  3. Does a district need to complete the FY 2022 tab if it did not implement any Title III activities in Period 2 during the months of July and August 2022?
    Yes. The district must indicate the activities that are aligned to the FY 2022 budget. However, if there were no activities funded by Title III during these two months, it should be noted in the template that activities did not occur (i.e., “No activity”). All districts receiving Title III LIEP funds are still required to provide activities for instruction, professional development, and family/community engagement as required by the grant. Title III ISEP and BEA are required to report activities that are approved for funding in their respective budgets.
  4. Do districts need to include the activities that are implemented in July of 2023 and will be implemented in August 2023 in this report in the FY 2023 tab (which covers September 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023)?
    No. Report only activities that have been implemented up to June 30, 2023. Districts will be asked to report on July and August 2023 activities in a FY 2024 Grant Periodic Report.​

 Program Specific Information

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