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School ImprovementPDF Document is a continuous, collaborative process through which staff and stakeholders identify strengths and weaknesses of the entire school program and use the information as a basis for making deliberate, positive, cohesive, and observable changes in measurable student outcomes.

The Statewide System of Support focuses resources on the schools and districts with the greatest need to build the capacity of school leaders to implement effective school improvement practices. The goal is to enable schools in improvement​ status to improve student outcomes and exit status.


 Mission, Vision and Equity Statement


School leaders are equipped with research-based information, skills, and practices to lead districts, schools, and classrooms where each and every child receives significant opportunity for a fair, equitable, and high-quality education.   


The mission of School and District Improvement is to build the capacity of school leaders to implement and sustain effective school improvement practices t​hat improve student achievement and performance outcomes, especially in Illinois’ lowest and underperforming schools. 


ISBE delivers responsive and tiered support to the lowest and underperforming schools in response to Illinois’ urgent and collective responsibility to achieve educational equity.  Program policies support evidence-based practices that include the diverse backgrounds and life experiences of all students and families to ensure fair, equitable, and high-quality educational opportunities for each and every child.​

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