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Why do we need the IL ePlan?

  • Consolidate and streamline the federal grant application and management process to reduce the burden on grantees and support holistic service to students
  • Provide efficient technology that brings practitioners together for meaningful collaboration. 
  • Support planning and grant management that takes multiple funding sources into consideration to fully meet each student’s needs. 
  • Help ISBE understand each grantee holistically in order to provide improved technical assistance grounded in equity. 

Applies to the following grants

  • Title I, Part A – Improving Basic​ Programs
  • Title I, Part D – Neglected
  • Title I, Part D – Delinquent
  • Title I, Part D –Neglected/Delinquent
  • Title I, School Improvement 1003(a)
  • Title II, Part A – Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High-Quality Teachers, Principals, and Other School Leaders
  • Title III – Language Instruction Education Program
  • Title III – Immigrant Education
  • Title IV, Part A – Student Support and Academic Enrichment
  • Title V, Part B – Rural and Low-Income Schools
  • IDEA, Part B Flow-Through
  • IDEA, Part B Preschool​​

 PHASE 1: Consolidated District Plan - Complete

The Consolidated District Plan is available in eGMS for FY 2020 grants. This allows grantees to answer one set of planning questions to meet those requirements for all 12 of the federal formula grants listed. Building on recent eGMS improvements, the Consolidated District Plan pre-populates with a grantee’s narrative responses from the previous years’ plans, where applicable. Collecting and coordinating this information up front will streamline individual FY 2020 grant applications.

Presentations & Webinars

 PHASE 2: Interactive Dashboard - February 2020

The second phase of the IL ePlan will launch an interactive dashboard for education grantees and ISBE staff to access multiple information resources linking ISBE’s existing financial and educational web-based applications.  It will become a responsive “one-stop shop” for Illinois school districts and ISBE staff to assist in planning and budgeting.

The interactive dashboard will be integrated into Ed360 as a major new feature and will be available in early 2020, with pilot groups starting this year.

Major new features will include:

  • Annual Financial Report (AFR) information
  • Program Reimbursement information
  • Grant Management information​

 PHASE 3: Consolidated Grant Application for FY 2021 federal formula entitlement grants - May 2020

​The Consolidated Grant Application will combine the 12 individual grants into a single Consolidated Grant Application package. The Consolidated Grant Application will further reduce any data collection redundancies among the applications and allow for more efficient review and submission at the district level. ​

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