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This page is home to information regarding the maintenance of your license, including professional development opportunities, how-to videos explaining renewal or reinstatement of your license, and guidelines to become an approved professional development provider.

Educators will receive a reminder email from ISBE when it is time to renew their license. To renew, educators​ can log into their ELIS account starting April 1 of the year their license expires. Click the “Helpful Renewal Resources” dropdown below for step-by-step renewal instructions.

If your license requires professional development hours and/or Administrator Academies hours and the renewal option is not available, make sure all hours are met and entered on your Professional Development tab and adjust your employment status accordingly, if needed. Click How Do I Update My Employment StatusPDF Document for step-by-step instructions. You will not be able to renew until all PD/AA requirements are met.​​

 Military Information

Any individual who holds a PEL endorsed for teaching, school support personnel, or an administrative area and is unavailable for employment on that license due to military service, including service in any reserve capacity, may have the validity period of any license paused during his or her unavailability.

The time remaining on any license held, and the time when the individual can continue to hold any type of license held, shall be the same when he or she becomes available for employment.

The individual shall not owe a fee for any period of time when the license's validity is paused.

Any individual subject to this shall give written notification to the appropriate Regional Superintendent of schools that he or she has been called to active military service and shall enclose a copy of the military order. Upon return from active duty, the individual shall provide written notification of his or her availability and shall enclose a copy of the release order. This information will be used to establish the period of time for which the license is paused.

An active member of the US Armed Forces or any reserved component of the US Armed Forces or the National Guard of any state, commonwealth, or territory of the US or District of Columbia, as well as any spouse of such an individual, who shows proof of a valid comparable out of state license and a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution, may be granted the Educator License with Stipulations endorsed for a Provisional Educator (ELS(PEDU)) for 2 years without the completion of the test of basic skills or applicable content test. These tests are still required for the issuance of the Professional Educator License and must be completed, along with any other deficiencies, within the 2 fiscal year validity period of the ELS(PEDU).

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