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​As required by Section 2-3.11 of the Illinois School Code, the Annual Statistical Report provides a statistical record of the condition of elementary and secondary schools in Illinois for the school year. Questions may be directed to the Data Strategies and Analytics Department ​at ​ (312) 814-9192​​.

The report is a compilation of several reports, approximately 30 in number, focusing on three primary areas.

The three areas of focus include Pupil Statistics and Facilities Data, Staff Data, and Financial Data.

  • Pupil Statistics and Facilities Data
    The Pupil Statistics and Facilities Data section contains tables that show the distribution of students receiving elementary and secondary education during the prior school year.  Public school enrollment figures are detailed by race/ethnicity, gender, grade, and geographical boundaries.  Enrollment figures for students receiving bilingual or specialized educational services in public and nonpublic schools are included. In addition, the numbers of graduates and high school dropouts are shown.  The total numbers of public school attendance centers and public school districts are also included.  There are 16 reports in the Pupil Statistics and Facilities Data portion of the Annual Statistical Report.
  • ​Staff Data
    The Staff Data section contains tables showing the number of school personnel in public and nonpublic schools, as well as the number of certificates issued by ISBE during the prior school year.  There are 5 reports in the Staff Data portion of the Annual Statistical Report.
  • Finance Data
    ​The Finance Data section contains tables depicting the financial assets and liabilities of public school districts during the prior school year. Bond and tax referenda, per capita costs, transportation expenses, teacher orders, tax rates, driver education expenses, and state aid claims data are presented.  There are 10 reports in the Finance Data portion of the Annual Statistical Report.​​





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