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SPP Indicator 7: A results indicator that measures the percentage of preschool children aged 3 through 5 with IEPs who demonstrate improved:

  1. Positive social-emotional skills,
  2. Acquisition and use of knowledge and skills, and
  3. Use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.

The goal of Indicator 7 is to substantially increase the rate of growth of preschool students with IEPs by the time they turn 6 years of age or exit the program.

The progress rating will rate each of the three outcomes in one of five progress categories/levels of functioning:

  1. Did not improve functioning,
  2. Improved functioning, but not sufficient to move nearer to functioning comparable to same-aged peers,
  3. Improved functioning to a level nearer to same-aged peers but did not reach it,
  4. Improved functioning to reach a level comparable to same-aged peers, and
  5. Maintained functioning at a level comparable to same-aged peers

There are two summary statements/indicators for each of the three outcomes:

Summary Statement 1 computation: Of those preschool children who entered or exited the preschool program, below age expectations in each outcome, the percentage who substantially increased their rate of growth by the time they turned 6 years of age or exited the program. This is calculated by adding those in c and d above divided by those entering below age expectation, which is a through d above. So, for example, Indicator 7A1 = (c+d)/(a+b+c+d) times 100.

Summary Statement 2 computation: The percentage of preschool children who were functioning within age expectations in each outcome by the time they turned 6 years of age or exited the program. This is calculated by adding those in d and e above divided by all of the students in the program, which is a + b + c + d +e above. So, for example, Indicator 7A2 = (d+e)/(a+b+c+d+e) times 100.

Data Source
The ISBE data collection source is the SIS Early Childhood data and the Early Childhood Outcomes (state selected data source). The source of the data is the Data Warehouse including the updated operational database, and a snapshot database called the Reporting Data Store.

Targets for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2020-25
SPP 7A1 - FFY20-24 target of 83.95%
SPP 7A1 - FFY25 target of 84.00%

SPP 7A2 - FFY20-24 target of 47.2%
SPP 7A2 - FFY25 target of 47.50%

SPP 7B1 - FFY20-24 target of 84.1%
SPP 7B1 - FFY25 target of 84.50%

SPP 7B2 - FFY20-24 target of 45.1%
SPP 7B2 - FFY25 target of 45.50%

SPP 7C1 - FFY20-24 target of 85.8%
SPP 7C1 - FFY25 target of 86.00%

SPP 7C2 - FFY20-24 target of 53.4%
SPP 7C2 - FFY25 target of 53.50%​

There must be at least 6 months between entry evaluation and progress report.

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