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School Counselors

School counselors are educators who design and deliver school counseling programs that are comprehensive in scope, preventive in design, developmental in nature, and promote student achievement for ALL students.

School counselors provide critical services to students in Illinois schools in three domains: Academic, College & Career, and Social-Emotional.

A comprehensive school counseling program is guided by standards and competencies for both students and counselors:


             National School Counseling Week Febuary 1 - 5, 2021  
  • ISCA Remote Learning Support WebinarPDF Document - Provides multiple links to various sites/resources as well as self-help for counselors.
  • Support for Illinois School CounselorPDF DocumentWe are all facing unique challenges ​in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we acknowledge, as school counselors, you are well-equipped with the tools needed to establish creative and evidence ​based plans for your stude​​nts in the remote learning space. Here are some suggestions and resources to consider as you continue to provide support to your students.  Amidst it all, please remember your students are lucky to have you in their corner.​​​​​



​Social-Emotional standards guiding school counseling programs are designed to help students manage emotions and learn and apply interpersonal skills.