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In accordance with 21st CCLC grant requirements, data submitted to the Illinois Data and Benchmarking tool by grantees is automatically submitted to the federal 21APR system on their behalf. Therefore, the following data guidelines have been modified from the US Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education’s guidance regarding grantee submission to 21APR. Questions about this information should be directed to your assigned ISBE principal consultant at​.

21APR collects descriptive information on program characteristics and services as well as performance data across a range of outcomes. In addition, one of the core purposes of 21APR is to collect information on the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) performance indicators associated with the 21st CCLC program.​

Benchmarking Timeline

  • Summer Benchmarking Window: Sept. 5, 2023-Oct. 16, 2023
  • Fall Benchmarking Window: Jan. 8, 2024-Feb. 16, 2024
  • Spring Benchmarking Window: May 27, 2024-July 12, 2024

*Specific dates change from year to year and will be updated on the Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers homepage under "News and Updates".

 Data and Benchmarking Tool Technical Assistance


In addition to the required local grantee evaluation and the annual Statewide Evaluation, grantees are monitored by ISBE through the following annual three-tiered monitoring and compliance process.

  • Tier I: Annual completion of two calls by each grantee will be required to satisfy Tier I monitoring. The ISBE principal consultant will send an email to each grantee informing them when to sign up for their biannual calls. Sign-ups will be scheduled through a method that ISBE deems most appropriate. Grantees will submit in advance a Biannual Communication Form, which will serve as the talking points of the biannual call.
  • Tier II: A desktop audit may occur when a grantee receives a high-risk score on the Risk Analysis or due to additional requirements from a Corrective Action Plan that is in place.
  • Tier III: An onsite visit may occur when a grantee receives a high-risk score, through a random selection process, or for a specific identified reason or concern by ISBE. All grantees will receive Tier III monitoring at least once during the life of the grant.​​

Monitoring Timeline

(Aug. - Dec.)
  • Tier I: Biannual Call (Oct. - Dec.)
  • Tier III: Scheduling Coordination Begins (Dec.)
(Jan. - May)
  • Tier I: Biannual Call (Mar. - May)
  • Tier III: Monitoring Site Visits (Begins in Jan.)
(June - July)
  • Tier II: Desktop Audits
  • Tier III: Monitoring Site Visits (Ends in July)

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