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​Additional Tools to consider for continuing education and e-learning:

Also, all educators in Illinois have free access to EdLeaders Network to continue work on their own professional learning during this time.​

***According to the team at the EdLeaders Network, these is  a considerable influx of districts and individuals seeking access to ELN.  Due to the volume of requests, uploading staff, and granting access to the Learning Management System is taking longer than usual. Additionally, because of a larger than normal number of users wanting taking advantage of ELN, responding to support tickets is taking longer than usual. As they work through the queue of both uploading staff and support tickets, they appreciate your patience and understanding.***

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The Illinois State Board of Education curated the following free resources to assist districts, teachers, and parents during this unprecedented time. The intent is to provide free or temporarily free learning resources for teachers and parents to support student learning while Illinois’ schools are closed. These resources do not represent an endorsement or recommendation of curriculum or eLearning systems​.&

Educators can consider these basic steps to continue education for students regardless of technology capabilities:

  • Send books home with students and/or print out articles, poetry, and writing prompts.
  • Assign a long-term research-based project aligned to multiple standards.
  • Put together learning packets to review or enhance material already taught.
  • Assign simple science projects that could be done at home.
  • Review textbooks and print the supplemental lessons that one often does not have time to do in class. 
  • Use any online resources available to teachers and print assignments to do at home.
  • Have students write reflection essays about a movie watched or a book read and scaffold the assignment for different age ranges.
  • If your school district is providing grab-and-go meals or meal delivery, make take home packets available at the same location or through the same delivery mechanism.

Share on social media how you're keeping students engaged in education with the hashtag #keeplearning.​​​

COVID-19: Connecting Students & Families to Social Supports, Dealing with Grief, Supporting New Teachers

KL-Webinar.jpgAre you wondering what other school communities are doing to center equity in during the COVID-19 pandemic? How have other school communities successfully addressed access, opportunity, and engagement barriers to ensure that historically marginalized students are receiving a high-quality education in a safe and inclusive online learning environment? 
We’ve reserved a seat for you in our new Communities of Care Virtual Coffeehouse Series—a unique series of virtual convenings focused on topics related to school community members’ responses to COVID-19-related challenges, brought to you by the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP Center).

Educators, Administrators, and School Community Stakeholders

Connecting, networking, supporting, and sharing barriers and solutions related to ensuring equity in serving students and families in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic in a welcoming, virtual setting.   

The Communities of Care Virtual Coffeehouse Series will create spaces for you to share successes and pitfalls, as well as benefit from lessons learned by other participants. Together, we can advance educational equity in the everyday responses, decisions, and changes we are making in our respective school community contexts during the pandemic.  
We invite to you to join us your favorite cup of coffee or beverage and join us. Log on, get comfy, we’ll see you there!

Are you a parent/caregiver and wondering how you will keep your child, children, or youth entertained so that you can fully participate in these live events? We will be offering age-appropriate child activities concurrently during the events. Please follow the additional prompts in the registration form to signal if you are interested in the concurrent child-friendly activity.



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