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Families, thank you for being your child’s first teacher and our partner in supporting your kindergartener. The KIDS tool allows us to build a common language for talking about your child’s growth in social emotional, language and literacy and math development. The ideas here can help you learn more about what your child is learning in kindergarten, support your child’s learning at home, and provide you with helpful background information about KIDS.


Check out this series of short videos​ aligned with the required measures of Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS). The videos feature real families sharing ways to support their 3- to 5-year-olds as they develop social-emotional, math, and literacy skills. Use the videos and tip sheets here to boost your child’s learning at home…maybe even while you’re checking off items on your "to-do" list!

Want to know more about KIDS? Watch the ​KIDS Introduction Video in English or Spanish​​.​

 KIDS & Families

 At-Home Activities for Families & Caregivers

At-Home Family Activities 
Developmental Domain
Download a Tip Sheet
Watch a Video
(Updated 11/01/2021)
Approaches to Learning and Self-RegulationATL-REG
ATL-REG 1 ATL-REG 1 Videos
ATL-REG 2 ATL-REG 2 Videos
ATL-REG 3 ATL-REG 3 Videos
Language and Literacy DevelopmentLLD
LLD3 LLD 3 Videos
LLD4 LLD 4 Videos
LLD6 LLD 6 Videos
LLD8 LLD 8 Videos
LLD9 LLD 9 Videos
Math 1 Math 1 Videos
Math 2 Math 2 Videos
Math 3 Math 3 Videos
Math 6 Math 6 Videos
Social and Emotional DevelopmentSED SED 3 SED 3 Videos
SED 4 SED 4 Videos

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