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​Guidance Needed 

Districts that need assistance for two or more consecutive years (NA2) and have no findings of noncompliance but do have formal follow up actions related to their LEA Determination of NA2. Targeted (Tier 2) districts may benefit from formal action planning to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.


Districts with open findings of noncompliance (and corresponding scores of zero on the Illinois Special Education Accountability and Support System Risk Assessment Scoring Rubric) must complete the corrective action plan process for the identified indicator(s).

Targeted level districts must:

  • Assemble and convene a District Accountability Team (DAT).
  • Review data related to those compliance indicators and results elements for which the LEA received a score of zero.
  • Access state and/or national technical assistance resources and develop appropriate action steps to address the scores of zero.
  • Submit an NA2 plan to the ISBE State Performance Plan Coordinator regarding the technical assistance sources from which the district received support and the actions the district took as a result.


Targeted supports include a series of options that are available to LEAs, which may assist with implementation of any objective(s) to enhance policies, programs, services, and/or systems.

  • Individual or small group support
  • Corrective Action Plan technical assistance
  • Virtual conferencing support
  • Online state and national technical assistance resources
  • Self-assessment (Critical Components Tool for Special Education Programs)
  • Online catalog of supports/resources (i.e. support projects, webinars, FAQ, Q&A, and other guidance documents

Improvement Planning for Special Education

​Critical Components Tool for Special Education Programs is a tool to be used by special education administrators to enhance and improve special education programming through the utilization of a program improvement process. In order to support school districts who want to review the provision of special education programs and services. This effort is led by the Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support (ICSPS) at Illinois State University and supported by the Illinois State Board of Education.​

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