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The Department of Funding and Disbursements is responsible for the approval and reimbursement of costs for pupils, personnel and services.

In addition, the Department is responsible for:

  1. The collection and reporting of the special education students ages 3-21 who are eligible or receiving direct and related special education services as of December 1 per the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  2. Verifying student eligibility with the Dept. of Children and Family Services under the Special Education Orphanage Act and residency related issues
  3. Compiling special education student and personnel data for federal reports of pupils and staff required under IDEA



Special Education Tuition Cost Sheet Data

Nonpublic Enrollment

IDEA Flow Through Allocations

IDEA Preschool Allocations

IDEA Flow Through Nonpublic Proportionate Share

IDEA Preschool Nonpublic Proportionate Share

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