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Beginning in spring 2017, ISBE began requiring all public-school students in grade 11 to take the SAT with Essay, unless the student takes the grade 11 DLM-AA instead. Additionally, in spring 2022 some public-school students in grade 12PDF Document may also be required to take the SAT with Essay or DLM-AA, as appropriate. 

Beginning in spring 2019, ISBE began assessing all public-school students in grade 9 with the PSAT 8/9 and all public-school students in grade 10 with the PSAT 10, unless the student takes the grade 9 or 10 DLM-AA​ instead.

Spring 2022 Established Test SitesPDF Document (Posted 12/08/2021)​

 News & Updates

 Fall 2021 ISBE-Provided SAT® Information

​In March 2021, districts were offered the flexibility to administer the ISBE-provided SAT in spring 2021 or shift testing to fall 2021. Information in this section pertains only to those districts that have shifted the ISBE-provided SAT administration to fall 2021. Only schools that are included on the ISBE-provided fall 2021 established test site listPDF Document may order materials under the ISBE-provided contract. More resources will be added to this section as they become available. Please write to assessment@isbe.net if you have questions.

 2021-22 SAT® Information

 2021-22 PSAT™ 10 Information

 2021-22 PSAT™ 8/9 Information

 English Learner (EL) and Students with Disabilities Information

IMPORTANT: Supports for English Learners (ELs) and accommodations for students with disabilities are allowed for the ISBE-Provided SAT with Essay, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 only for students with accommodations needs documented in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan and for English Learners identified as such in ISBE’s Student Information System.

  • Approved Word-to-Word DictionariesPDF Document
    To make the SAT Suite of Assessments more accessible, English learner students can use approved word-to-word dictionaries or bilingual glossaries. A defined list of dictionaries and glossaries has been approved by the College Board for the SAT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9. Students should be familiar with the glossary they plan to use on test day.​
  • 50% Extended Time for English Learners
    Students are eligible for 50% Extended Time for the entire test. This support is offered as an option for EL students who receive extended time as an instructional support. The student's school will request this support via the EL Support request in the College Board's SSD Online portal. ​​​​​​​​​​

  •  Presentations & Webinars

     SAT Teacher Toolkit Resources

    ​College Board Illinois SAT® Teacher Toolkit Webinar for English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science

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