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These are curriculum resources which were created to provide additional support for the CTE Teacher. You will find these resources broken out in modules and each module will have E-Units, Lesson Plans and Presentations. As a teacher you can customize these to fit your needs. If you have questions about these resources, please contact the principal consultant for this area.​​​​

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR):  Andrew Klein
  • Arts and Communication (A&C):  Heather Lueken
  • Finance and Business Services (FBS): Vacant
  • Health Sciences and Technology (HST):  Shaista Saiyed​​
  • Human and Public Services (HPS):  Kristina Valentine
  • Information Technology (IT): Vacant
  • Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology and Trades (METT):  Deja Luckett

 Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR)

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

For curriculum on this subject, visit the myCAERT website.

 Arts and Communication (A&C)

Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication


 Finance and Business Services (FBS)

Business Management and Administration, Finance, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism


 Human and Public Services (HPS)

Education and Training, Government and Public Administration, Law, Public safety, Corrections, and Security, Human Services


 Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology


 Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology and Trades (METT)

Architecture and Construction, Manufacturing, STEM, Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Energy


 K-8 Career Exploration and Development

Ideas and resources for career exploration and development in grades K-8


 CTE Classroom Lessons

ILCTE Innovative Curriculum Project has created three types of Career and Technical Education containing (a) Face-to-Face lessons, (b) Converted Face-to-Face lessons for remote/online learning, and (c) Remote/online lessons that stemmed from June 2020 professional teaching and learning shared with ILCTE.​

 Academic Integration in CTE

In addition to content specific curriculum for the various program areas within CTE, there are a variety of resources available to help CTE teachers learn to enhance their integration of other academic skills such as reading, writing, science, and mathematics into their CTE courses.

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