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Whether seeking guidance for KIDS in the current year, a better understanding of how KIDS aligns to kindergarten and early learning standards, or worksheets to assist in organizing observational evidence, look no further.  Teachers and Administrators will find information specific to the administration and implementation of the KIDS, as well as the expectations and best practices for conducting this authentic, observational tool.  For questions about KIDS Implementation guidance, please send your questions to


KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS & ADMINISTRATORS: We are very excited to share with you a new early learning resource to support families, educators, and communities. This series of 14 joyful and engaging 2-minute videos features real families and gives concrete examples of how caregivers can support their young children as they develop social-emotional, math, and literacy skills -- through play, talk, and meaningful interactions with the caring adults in their lives.

Each video is closely aligned to one measure of Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS), an observation tool designed to better understand the development and growth of kindergartners in Illinois. You can offer the videos and tip sheets found here to help families support their child’s learning at home and enhance social-emotional, math, and literacy skills!

Suggested Uses of These videos At-Home Activities for Families & Caregivers:

  • They can be used in prekindergarten settings as a way for parents to help their children be "kindergarten ready."
  • Kindergarten teachers can share these videos each summer with their incoming class to help parents understand what is developmentally appropriate in kindergarten.
  • The videos can be played during family conferences and open house events.
  • Kindergarten teachers can use the videos as an opportunity to partner with their students' parents. Observations that teachers make about the children can be included as a data collection for KIDS.
  • Administrators can play the videos in public offices and meetings.
  • Administrators can ask doctors, dentists, and other businesses in the community where families tend to gather to play the videos in waiting rooms and public spaces!
  • Teachers and administrators can be creative in using the videos to encourage learning at home!​​

 Background and History of KIDS

 Classroom Implementation Materials

 Standards Alignment & Research

Approaches to Learning and Self-Regulation

Cognition: MATH

Cognition: Science

English Language Development


History-Social Science

Language and Literacy Development

Physical Development

Social and Emotional Development

Visual and Performing Arts

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