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​The Illinois Report Card is an annual report released by the Illinois State Board of Education that shows how the state, and each school and district, are progressing on a wide range of educational goals.  The Report Card offers a complete picture of student and school performance in order to inform and empower families and communities as they support their local schools.

There are two versions of the Illinois Report Card for the state, schools, and districts. The first version is the Customizable Report Card. This is a static, filterable, printable, PDF version of the official Report Card. The second version is the Illinois Interactive Report Card or IIRC. This version is web-based, intuitive, and allows for users to view performance comparisons between school and districts, review trend data, and break data into subcategories.

District special education data regarding the State Performance Plan indicators for students with IEPs is accessed through the IL Interactive Report Card link. After selecting a specific district, the custom report card builder button is used to select “Students with IEPs” and generate a PDF report​.

All versions of the Report Card can be accessed via ​​​​​​​​​​

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ISBE has created a series of fact sheets and resources to help you prepare to tell your 2022 Illinois Report Card story. Review the resources below for support in how to talk about the new Equity Journey Continuum, your 2022 annual summative designation, and the accelerated growth your students may have experienced in 2022.

​ ​Illinois’ system of Support & Accountability helps us identify which schools need the greatest assistance to meet our shared goals. The system launched statewide with the 2018 Illinois Report Card.​

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