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KIDS: Kindergarten Individual Development Survey

The Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) is an observational tool designed to help teachers, administrators, families and policymakers better understand the developmental readiness of children entering kindergarten.  KIDS is core to the Illinois State Board of Education’s (ISBE) goal that every child in Illinois deserves to attend a school wherein all kindergarteners are assessed for readiness.  Starting in Fall 2017, ISBE will require districts and kindergarten teachers across the state to use KIDS.

KIDS focuses on the knowledge, skills, and behaviors across four key domains that most impact long-term student success. The domains are: Approaches to Learning and Self-Regulation; Social and Emotional Development; Language and Literacy Development; and Cognition: Math.​

KIDS Data Use Workshops

REL Midwest will be hosting three KIDS Data Use WorkshopsPDF Document for kindergarten teachers this spring. 
Click the below links to register:
The goal of these workshops is to help teachers use KIDS results to set their own educational goals and action steps. Teachers will have the opportunity during the workshops to analyze their own KIDS data in collaboration with their colleagues and with guidance from the workshop facilitators. They will be able to set concrete goals and action steps based on their own classroom data.
Questions? Send a note to bday@air.org​.​
​​The KIDS Spring Rating Window will open April 16th in KIDStech!
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This page has been archived. The content on this page may no longer be in effect.

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