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The Multilingual Department provides technical assistance for districts that have English Learner programs. This page provides information on applications in IWAS that pertain to English Learner programs and Title III grants. Grant Periodic Reporting (GPR) is a requirement of any funding from Title III and a Program Delivery Report (PDR) is due at the end of the academic year to report EL program expenditures.

ISBE offers Professional Development to any educator who supports English Learners. Many offerings are at no cost to the district or educator. Literacy Squared is offered as an annual cohort for K-5 teachers of dual language classes that includes instructional strategies to reinforce biliteracy. WIDA workshops are flexible and available virtually or in person and cover a variety of topics. Please see below for more information on these topics.​

 EL-Bilingual Service Plan (BSP)

Per Article 14C of the School Code any district serving ELs needs to submit a plan of services to ISBE. The plan must conform to Part 228 of the Administrative CodePDF Document and all Federal legal requirements to ELs​PDF Document.  ​For districts with 20 or more ELs, the EL - Bilingual Service Plan is now available on IWAS. These districts have received a notification via IWAS as well. 

Districts with 19 or fewer ELs will submit a Plan by completing a similar Form to be submitted to multilingual@isbe.net​.​

Application and Information for Districts with Less than 20 ELs

Districts With At Least 20 ELs

Instruction for EL Plan

Template for Districts With More Than 25 School Buildings Serving English Learners

 Bilingual Education Program Delivery Report (PDR)

The 2020-21 SY Bilingual Education Program Delivery Report (PDR) is available for completion in IWAS on May 17, 2021. Districts that received $5,000 or more of state English Learners- Evidence-Based Funding (EL-EBF) for EL services and/or federal Title III Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) funds in FY 2021 MUST submit this report in IWAS no later than July 31, 2021.

The system will close at 11:59 p.m. on July 31, 2021. Please refer to the 2021 PDR User Guide in IWAS to complete your submission.

For technical assistance on how to access the PDR in IWAS, please contact the Help Desk at (217) 558-3600. For assistance in responding to the questions in the PDR, please contact Dr. Seon Eun in the Data Strategies and Analytics at seun@isbe.net. For any EL program-related questions, please email Multilingual@isbe.net.

EL Data and Resources

 EL - EBF Expenditure Reporting


The EBF law passed on Aug. 31, 2017, requires the Illinois State Board of Education to notify school districts of the total English Learner (EL) funding generated by each district’s students. This composite amount of funds includes any EL funds generated under the Base Funding Minimum and Tier Funding. It does not include funding generated by the core investment cost factors of the EBF formula, the money from which also benefits ELs.View the listing of the FY 2021 Student Allocation funding totals per district​Excel Document. Districts were reminded that state funding attributable to ELs was to be spent on EL services per the requirements of Article 14C of the School Code. Article 14C also requires that at least 60 percent of EL funds must be spent on instructional costs of ELs (Function 1000). For other information on EBF and its spending plan, please visit the EBF page on ISBE’s website.

The FY 2021 EL-EBF expenditure reporting shows where EBF funds attributable to ELs were ultimately spent within each district. The Illinois Advisory Council on Bilingual Education has recommended thatonly districts that received $5,000 or more​PDF Document in total FY 2021 EL funds be required to submit an expenditure report through the period ending June 30, 2021. Any FY 2020 EL-EBF funds not expended in FY 2020 will appear in the FY 2021 expenditure report.

All FY 2021 EL-EBF expenditure reports are due to ISBE by July 20. Please contact the Multilingual Department at multilingual@isbe.net if you have questions regarding the FY 2021 EL-EBF expenditure report.​

Expenditure Reporting Instructions

Districts may report their total FY 2021 EL-EBF expenditures by logging into the IWAS portal and selecting the Electronic Expenditure Reporting System. Choose Start New Expenditure Report and select 3305 Bilingual Ed – TPI & TBE program from the drop-down list. Select June 30, 2021, on the left side of the screen and click Continue to begin reporting. The Current Year Allotment will reflect the total amount of FY 2021 EL-EBF funding for the district (consisting of EBF Base Funding Minimum attributable to ELs and Tier Funding attributable to ELs) as well as funds not reported not expended from FY 2020.​​​

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