2022 State Plan Amendment Approved

The US Department of Education (ED) requires that new annual summative designations be issued in 2022. Much has changed since designations were last issued in 2019, so Illinois amended it's state plan to respond to the impact of the pandemic on schools. The amendment submitted by Illinois to ED on January 31, 2022 was approved on August 2, 2022 (view letter)​​PDF Document. An executive summary of the changes and the approved plan can be downloaded below.

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Summative designations help families and communities understand how well schools are serving all students. Illinois has four summative designations: Exemplary School, Commendable School, Targeted School, and Comprehensive School. Targeted schools and Comprehensive schools receive additional funding and supports to build local capacity and improve student outcomes. Multiple measures of school performance and growth determine a school’s designation. The federal Every Student Succeeds Act requires states to provide a summative designation to each school with the required indicators, beginning in 2018. ISBE includes school designations annually in the Illinois Report Card at www.illinoisreportcard.com.​

Accountability and School Improvement - The Four Annual Summative Designations

Schools receive an annual summative designation on the Illinois Report Card. The designation is based on the school’s overall data for all of the accountability indicators, as well as the data for individual student groups.

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Title: How to Interpret & Communicate Your 2022 Summative Designation Webinar



New annual summative designations will be issued to all public schools in 2022. Much has changed since the last time annual summative designations were generated in 2019, and the accountability system has been officially amended in response to the impact of pandemic. However, this raises questions about how to interpret the new designation. This session will tackle questions like:

  • Should a school's 2022 designation be compared to 2018 or 2019 designations?
  • What does it mean if a school's 2022 designation is/is not changed from 2019?
  • What happens if a school is a newly identified as being Targeted or Comprehensive in 2022?
  • How will newly identified Targeted and Comprehensive schools know if they are eligible for early exit from school improvement status in 2023?
  • What information or data can be shared with school boards, teachers, parents, or the community to help them understand this designation?
  • What cautions or caveats are important for those looking at the data to be aware of?

A question-and-answer period will conclude the session. This session is intended for school and district administrators, in particular superintendents and principals who may be fielding questions about their schools' 2022 annual summative designation. ​​​​


 2022 Summative Designations


Elementary/Middle Schools
  • ​Exemplary index score threshold: 81.91
  • Comprehensive & Targeted index score threshold: 31.21
High Schools
  • ​Exemplary index score threshold: 90.69
  • Comprehensive & Targeted index score threshold: 9.89


There are three categories of schools eligible for early exit from support status in 2023. More information on eligibility from early exit can be found in the video above, or below in the changes for 2022 below. The eligibility list contains any school that falls into one of the three eligibility categories (schools missing 30 percent or more of 2021 assessment data, schools in the top 30 percent by 2019 index score, and schools with a population change of more than 30 percent). Please note that being in these eligibility categories has NO BEARING on the 2022 designation. A school's preliminary summative designation can be found in Educator Preview in myIRC.


  • ELA & math proficiency: Use the SY2020-21 (2021) data to set new targets by grade span (i.e., 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 11) for all students enrolled in SY2020-21 in grades K-12. Use SY2022-23 (2023) data to set new targets for all students who enter kindergarten in SY2021-22 and after. 
  • Science proficiency: Substitute participation rates for proficiency rates in 2022. Participation rates of 95% or higher receive 100 points. Participation rates below 75% receive 0 points. The remaining 100 points are distributed proportionally between 95% and 75% .
  • English Learner Progress to Proficiency: Add an additional year to the timeline of all students who were ELs in SY2020-21, and score a student using the higher of 2022 - 2021 (prior) or 2022 - 2020 (prior). Exclude all students who were newly identified as an EL in SY2020-21 from the calculation.
  • Student Growth: Use the higher of either a cohort reference or baseline referenced student growth percentile.
  • Chronic absenteeism: Award bonus points that incentivize improvement to chronic absenteeism. If the 2022 rated declined from 2021 by more than 7.5%, award 25% bonus. If 2022 declined from 2021 between 5.01% and 7.5%, award 20% bonus. If 2022 declined from 2021 between 2.51% and 5%, award 15% bonus. If 2022 declined from 2021 between .01% to 2.5%, award 10% bonus. If the 2022 rate of chronic absenteeism did not decline from 2021, consider its proximity to the rate of chronic absenteeism in 2019. If 2022 is no more than 5% greater than the rate in 2019, award a 5% bonus.​
  • Composite 4-, 5-, and 6-year graduation rate: Consolidating to a single scoring formula for all student groups.
    • Indicator Points:
      [Composite weighted adjusted cohort graduation rate * 3.7975) – 253.16456
    • A weighted composite graduation rate ≥ 93 is 100 points and a weighted composite graduation rate ≤ 66.667 is 0 points.​
  • Climate survey: No changes.
  • 9th graders on track: No changes.
  • Meta-indicators (i.e., College and Career Readiness, P-2, Elementary/Middle, Fine Arts): Delay till 2025
  • Option to exit status early: Schools eligible for early exit include:
    • Schools missing a pre-identified amount of data (e.g., with assessment rates for all or one or more student demographic groups below 70%).  Schools will be exited if 2023 rates of participation are ≥95% and the 2023 designation is commendable or exemplary.
    • Newly identified schools whose 2019 index score was ≥70.5 if an elementary school, ≥74.5 if a high school (e.g., schools in the top 30% of the state). Schools will be exited if the 2023 designation is commendable or exemplary; otherwise, they remain in status based on their 2023 designation.
    • Schools that have had a 30% or more change to the enrollments of the all student or one or more student demographic groups from 2019 (e.g., 2019 enrollment ± 2019 enrollment*.3).  Schools will be exited if changes to enrollments from 2022 to 2023 are within the 30% margin and the 2023 designation is commendable or exemplary; otherwise, they remain in status based on their 2023 designation.
  • 2022 Summative Designation Business Rules – Coming October 1, 2022
  • 2022 Illinois Official Summative Designations - Coming October 27, 2022
  • 2022 Official Summative Designation Descriptive Statistics – Coming October 27, 2022​

 2021 Summative Designations

 2020 Summative Designations

In 2020 the US Department of Education approved assessment and accountability waivers for all 50 states.

In 2020, all schools were re-issued their 2019 annual summative designation. Please see the 2019 Illinois Official Summative Designations for details.​​

 2018 Summative Designations

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