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The Every Students Succeeds Act contains a short but significant provision requiring LEAs to report not only district-level expenditure data but also, for the first time, school-level expenditure data.  This reporting will begin with FY19 data and will be reported on the Illinois Report Card.  LEAs are required to report actual personnel and non-personnel expenditures of both site-specific and district centralized expenditures. Expenditures will be shown at the site level and must be disaggregated by source of funds (federal vs. state/local).
Check out the New Site-Based Expenditure Reporting: 2019 Report Card Updates webpage for the latest report card updates!

 What is Site-Based Expenditure Reporting and how do I prepare for it?

​​ Core Resources for All LEAs
Supplementary Resources for All LEAs

 How do I collect and submit Site-Based Expenditure Reporting data?

Supplementary Resources for All LEAs

LEAs may choose to manually enter their final data –or– upload their final data in an Excel file.  These resources are for LEAs that choose to upload.

LEAs may choose to work with a vendor to arrive at their final data –or– calculate their data themselves.  These optional resources are for LEAs that will be doing their own data calculations and may want assistance in moving from their general ledger to reportable site-based expenditure data.​

 Resources for District Leaders

 Resources for Other Audiences

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