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Public Act 100-465​PDF Document established the Illinois Invest in Kids Act. The Act includes a five-year tax credit scholarship program for eligible students who attend qualified non​public schools in Illinois.

A portion of the Act requires that scholarship recipients shall be annually assessed at the qualified school where the student attends school in the same manner in which students that attend public schools are annually assessed pursuant to Section 2-3.64a5 of the School Code and that such qualified schools shall pay costs associated with this requirement.​

If, for any reason, a scholarship recipient is unable to be tested, school staff must maintain detailed documentation as to why the student did not test. Documentation for scholarship recipients who did not test must be submitted along with scores for all other scholarship recipients who did test.

FAQ for Administrators and Test Coordinators​PDF Document

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Big Future - College Planning Program from College BoardPDF Document

December 5-9, 2022: Official SAT® Practice and the SAT® Suite Question Bank Refresher Webinar
College Board is excited to provide a review of Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy that focuses on using coach tools and accessing personalized practice, along with a review of how to access and use the SAT® Suite Question Bank.
  • Official SAT® Practice and the SAT® Question Bank Refresher WebinarRegistrationPDF Document
  • Official SAT® Practice and the SAT® Question Bank Refresher WebinarPresentation​PDF Document

The College Board offers many free ways to practice.

 2022-2023 SAT w/ Essay Information

 2022-2023 IAR (Illinois Assessment of Readiness) Information

 *NEW This Year* Illinois Science Assessment for Grades 5, 8, and 11

​The Illinois Science Assessment (ISA) is a web-based annual summative test given by ISBE to students in grades 5, 8, and 11 across the state of Illinois. Beginning in Spring 2023, the ISA will be given to Illinois Invest in Kids Act scholarship recipients in grades 5, 8, and 11. Rostering of the grade 5 and 8 students will be done by ISBE from the Pearson roster upload. Rostering of grade 11 students will come from the SAT w/Essay List and be completed by ISBE. 

The following are key dates for the ISA:
If you are interested in perusing information from prior testing years, that can be found at the following site:​.  This site will be updated with 2023 test information in January. The information below is a high-level check list of the steps required to facilitate the ISA to your students. Detailed information will be provided during the February online seminar and on the webpage​.

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